Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Happy New Year to all our venues...... somebody sneaked you a Xmas present out on 24 December. 

Paragraph 6 of the Planning Practice Guidance on Noise Guidance was amended on Christmas Eve to include specific mention of the need to recognise live music venues within planning development. The relevant section now reads:

"The potential effect of a new residential development being located close to an existing business that gives rise to noise should be carefully considered. This is because existing noise levels from the business even if intermittent (for example, a live music venue) may be regarded as unacceptable by the new residents and subject to enforcement action. To help avoid such instances, appropriate mitigation should be considered, including optimising the sound insulation provided by the new development’s building envelope".

If you are faced with a development that may potentially impact on your venue, please direct your local planning officer to the new advice and guidance, the full text is available here:

This is a tremendous breakthrough for live music venues, and simply wouldn't have been achieved without all the campaigning done by supporters of live music in 2014 and by working together collectively to call for change.


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